Culinary Tradition

Sustainable, local, old world, slow food


It is my pleasure to offer classical international cuisine from around the world to your table.

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About Chef Christopher

My Food


 I pride myself on hand-picking organic and sustainable ingredients that have been used in cuisines from around the world for generations. I support local family farms and businesses when possible to ensure fresh, high quality, delicious, and nutrient rich meals.  

My Story


I completed a comprehensive classical French based culinary program at L'Academie de Cuisine in 2016. Along with my training, I focus on traditional recipes from Southern Asia, Southern Europe, and various countries around the world including Guatemala, Jamaica, Greece, and Ethiopia.  

My Mission


It is my conviction that good health can be cultivated by honoring life-long traditions in food preparation, diet, and agriculture; especially focusing on the importance of sustainable, organic meat and dairy products. I desire to provide personalized, delicious, and nourishing meals to the greater Washington D.C. area.